A Royal Day Off is the 3th episode of the series Spruce and Gimli.

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Princess Cherry and Arlette have a day off of at Petallia from signing petitions and helping Marguerite sell plants, and they spend the night at the Wilds' Treefort.

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The beginning episode starts when it's morning time in Petallia, Evelyn comes in Cherry and Arlette's rooms waking them up and picking their outfits. Kenworth tells them breakfast is served and goes to the dining room eating with Richard and Yvette. Both of them tell the princesses that they have a day off of signing petitions andselling plants around the kingdom with Marguerite for a week. And they were so excited to have a break, Cherry and Arlette decides to spend the night at the Wilds' Treefort. So Evelyn helps both of them pack their stuff and Kenworth gets the carriage ready. At the Wilds' Treefort, Spruce and Gimli are playing tag as Gimli leaps on Spruce and says "Tag, you're it". The brothers go back to the house and they saw Cherry and Arlette's carriage that they arrived. The boys decide to take the girls out to explore, and teach them what they do. They boys teach the princesses how to swing on a vine, went swimming, and the princesses teach the boys how to eat their meals without devouring them ravenously. On the next day in the night, they looked at the stars and chat about Spruce and Gimli's life. And chatting about the future optimistically, which Gimli's rumbling stomach interrupted the conversation. They went back to the treefort and eat together, together they played games.


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