Bye-Bye, Toy Yarn is the seventh episode of the series Spruce and Gimli.


Spruce gets annoyed by Gimli's ball of yarn and hides it somewhere. Without his yarn, Gimli gets depressed over it.


The episode begins when Spruce and Gimli are riding on Lark to Petallia to spend the night. Gimli starts playing with his ball of yarn, Spruce asks why is he still playing with his yarn and he responds. Whenever Gimli plays with his yarn, he thinks that it'll get him feeling strong like Spruce and being brave (simply like an inspiration). Spruce tells him that he's brave without his toy yarn (thinking how pretentious how Gimli is and not believing him generally), Gimli hisses a little and Spruce apologized. The scene cuts in the castle where Spruce and Gimli arrives and greets everyone, they all have dinner together. Spruce tries to get Gimli's attention, but is distracted by his toy yarn. Cherry and Arlette enjoys watching him with the ball of yarn (reminding them of Eleanor playing a ball of yarn). In the the princesses's room, Gimli is still addicted to his yarn and playing it, Spruce gets irritated of Gimli's addiction to it. Later in the night, he sneakily manages to take the yarn and hide it somewhere in the kingdom. In the morning, everyone was sleeping peacefully until they overhear Gimli crying and throwing a tantrum over it. Arlette tries to cheer him up a little by giving one of her dolls to Gimli and play together, but Gimli starts to sob very loud and hard. Cherry tries to console him, but he resists a comfort. Spruce is perturbed and annoyed of his loud outburst, he furiously goes inside and tells Gimli to stop crying. Gimli tearfully responded that he wants his toy yarn, Spruce asks 


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