Clarissa Gertrude, or Professor Gertrude, is a biology, chemistry, and physics teacher at Flosyce Academy and a major character in Spruce and Gimli.

Background Edit

Clarissa is one of Spruce's teachers, she's the homeroom teacher, and she teaches biology, chemistry, and physics.

Appearance Edit

Clarissa usually have fair skin, light orange braided crown hair, and pea green eyes. Her makeup consists baby blue eyeshadows, rosy cheeks, and pale lips. She wears golden turquoise diamond-shaped earrings. Her signature appearance starts with a turquoise gown-like robe with baby blue trims and a design in the middle are laces and somewhat a bow in the center of her outfit, the bottom part of her dress have white trims. Clarissa wears white gloves and baby blue boots.

Personality Edit

Clarissa is professional, pleasant, and instructive. She is kind to her students.