Creston Pixieblade is a middle school student at Flosyce Academy and one of Gimli's friends. She is one of the major characters in Spruce and Gimli.

Background Edit

Creston appears in the episode Welcome to the Enchanted School!, he introduces himself to Gimli and becomes best friends with him along with Princess Arlette.

Appearance Edit

Creston is fairly the same height like Gimli with dark green hair and eyes, he wears a black wizard hat with dark green trims and a crescent on it. He wears a green button shirt, and over it is a black wizard robe with a green circle on the center held with yellow ties. Creston wears green pants with a belt around his waist, and a green circle in the middle, he wears black boots.

Personality Edit

Creston seems to be friendly, kind-hearted, cautious, intelligent, and nice. He usually likes using his spells, so he's very helpful, but he's usually clumsy messing up his spells.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Spell Casting- Creston uses his wand to cast spells.