Flosyce Academy is an academy with a school and college located in Petallia of Spruce and Gimli.

Entrance Edit

The academy is mixed with a junior high school and college, but there are two paths seperated of the junior high on the left and college on the right. The colors of the school is silver and blue and the school's mascot is Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom. There's a statue of her in front of the entrance and it shows her name at the bottom.

Junior High Edit

Of the junior high building, this is where pre-teens and young teenagers go.

College Edit

The college is for teenagers and young adults, the students here

Lounge Edit

The lounge is big and students are able to do free time, they can relax, eat in the cafe, have fun in the game room, and watch movies in the theater nearby the game room. There is the boy's lounge andgirl's lounge, the colors of the boy's lounge is blue, and the girl's lounge is pink. Both lounges have bedrooms with two beds, and they can sleep in their bedrooms or spend time like the other lounges.