Gimlanton Ridge "Gimli" Wilds is the deuteragonist and one of the main characters in the series of their names. He is the son of Harold Wilds and Lydia Wilds and the younger brother of Spruce Wilds. He is a middle school student at Flosyce Academy.

Background Edit

When Gimli was born after Spruce and inherited by his mother, a wizard blessed him giving tiger powers to him.

Appearance Edit

Gimli is fairly slender and young with olive skin and burnt orange messy hair. His sclerae is pale blue, his eyes are aqua green, and his pupils are slightly thin and oblong. As a toyger, he has white fangs, sharp claws, sharp toenails, tiger ears, three whisker markings on his cheeks, and a tiger's tail. Gimli is shirtless and barefooted, instead, he wears brown briefs. There's a red gemstone located on his chest, and that represents his real heart. (And there's another one same thing and a little small on his forehead in the middle of his fringe covering it and it was cracked when he was little in the childhood of the movie).

Personality Edit

Gimli is feral, naïve, sensitive, relaxed, resourceful, sometimes egotistical, respectful, and quite a slob. He is surely brave, carefree, heroic, outgoing, and a bad listener. He is a happy-go-lucky, optimistic, funny boy of the adventures in the future and makes Princess Arlette laugh. Sometimes around Spruce, he eventually becomes sneaky throwing mud balls at him. Like his brother, Gimli has a great fond of food and can be overall ravenous at some times when his hunger can't wait. Usually, he can be emotional, cocky, and childish at sometimes, but he knows how to behave like himself.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Feral- Since Gimli is a Katroid/toyger, he has a feral's roar, stands like a tiger sometimes, and he has razor sharp claws to fight.
  • Climbing- Gimli can climb on trees or something else that's related to that.
  • Ceiling Cling/Ceiling Climb- Gimli can try to climb on the ceiling.
  • Swinging- Gimli has the ability to swing on vines.
  • Claw Retraction/Retractable Claws- Gimli surely have claws as his appearance to fight.
  • Agility/Super Speed- Gimli is very quick at some times.
  • Spherical Form- Gimli can roll.
  • Super Hearing- Gimli can hear things far away and sense something nearby.
  • Gemstone Glow- Gimli can use his gemstone to glow in dark places such as caves.
  • Healing (deceased)- Gimli uses his gemstone on his forehead to heal.
  • Enchanced Eating- Gimli can eat alot of food and he's very ravenous.
  • Anger Empowerment/Feral Rage- Similar like Spruce, Gimli is furious but not way furious than his brother and loses his control. He cannot try to handle his temper, the weakness of this power is when Cherry and Arlette calms him and Spruce down.