King Richard Lexington, or King Richard of Petallia, is the king/ruler of Petallia. He is a major character in Spruce and Gimli. He is the husband of Queen Yvette and mother of Princess Cherry and Princess Arlette.

Background Edit

Richard appears in The Adventure Commences.

Appearance Edit

Richard is a British-accented king with brown eyes and brown brushed hair. He typically have facial hair, he wears a golden crown with with blue ovals on it. His signature outfit is a robe of the colors dark blue and teal with white trims, he have a golden buckle around his waist. Richard dark blue pants and black boots, he wears a blue royal cape with two teal blue ovals on the shoulders, there is some white trims outside and it's attached to the golden chocker he's wearing.

Personality Edit

Richard is kind, generous, and devoted.