Lilith Wraithspear is a middle school student at Flosyce Academy and one of Gimli's friends. She is one of the major characters in Spruce and Gimli.

Background Edit

Lilith appears in the episode Welcome to the Enchanted School!, she was in Petallia's school garden alone. After when Gimli meets her (and becomes friends literally), Princess Arlette apologizes to him about her stubbornness.

Appearance Edit

Lilith is a pale-skinned girl with short black hair and lavender eyes. She wears a brown neckerchief around her neck, she wears a brownish tan crop top with long sleeves and light brown gloves. Lilith wears armor, that consists bronze shoulder armors and a breastplate, she wears brownish tan baggy pants and black armor boots.

Personality Edit

Lilith is sometimes sassy, confident, and typically friendly. Sometimes in her nasty moods, she gets temperamental, arrogant, and impatient. However in her stealing days, she becomes quiet and stealth.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Stealth Tactics- Lilith is stealth and she can be quick.
  • Enchanced Thievery- Lilith can try to pickpocket, lockpick, or steal something with her stealth.