Nerissa Leveque is a college school student at Flosyce Academy and one of Spruce's friends. He is one of the major characters in Spruce and Gimli.

Background Edit

Nerissa appears in Welcome to the Enchanted School!.

Appearance Edit

Nerissa is a fair-skinned girl with red velvet curled hair and olive-hazel eyes. She has a bang that covers her right eye, she wears a golden hat with the color purple and blue in a pattern. She typically wears a blue choker and a blue heart on it. Her outfit consists a blue dress with long sleeves, white gloves, purple cuffs, and her stomach revealing. Nerissa wears short dark blue boots.

Personality Edit

Nerissa seems to be shy, intelligent, understanding, soft-spoken, and friendly.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Alchemy- Nerissa