Princess Arlette Opal Lexington, or Princess Arlette of Petallia, is one of the two main princesses with Cherry of Petallia. She is one of the main characters in Spruce and Gimli. She is the daughter of King Richard and Queen Yvette, and the younger sister of Princess Cherry.

Background Edit

Princess Arlette seems to be the second princess of Petallia.

Appearance Edit

Arlette is a slender fair-skinned young girl with blonde hair and teal blue eyes. She wears a red tiara-like headband on her head, she wears a red sleeveless short gown with two light red layers and another layer that is white, she have a lighter red bow in the back and ribbons too. Arlette wears red elbow length gloves, she wears light red kneesocks and red heel flats.

Personality Edit

Arlette is surely friendly, helpful, cheerful, and funny. Of Petallia, she may be sweet and loyal to the people, including her family. She always like Gimli and he makes her laugh.