Princess Cherry Nova Lexington, or Princess Cherry of Petallia, is one of the two main princesses with Arlette of Petallia. She is one of the main characters in Spruce and Gimli. She is the daughter of King Richard and Queen Yvette, and the older sister of Princess Arlette.

Background Edit

Princess Cherry seems to be the first princess of Petallia.

Appearance Edit

Cherry is a British-accented teenage princess with fair skin, dark brown wavy hair that stops at the length of her chest, and brown eyes. She wears a pink tiara-like headband. On her neck, she wears a silver choker. Her signature outfit is a long pink sleeveless gown with two layers, there are silver shoulder armors on her shoulders, and a silver brooch in the center connected with the choker she's wearing of her dress with sky blue swirled patterns on the right side bottom of her dress. Cherry wears light pink elbow length gloves, she wears light pink flat heels with white glitter all over.

Personality Edit

Cherry is kind-hearted, helpful, most friendly, very sweet, cheerful, and yet funny being around Spruce.