Princess Noelle Silvermist is the princess of Frostford and one of the major characters in Spruce and Gimli.

Background Edit


Appearance Edit

Noelle have sky blue skin and aqua blue eyes. Her hair is sapphire and it's actually long, some of her hair is in a bun and the rest is at the length of her thighs. On her head, she wears a quartz/crystal tiara. Noelle wears jewellery, that consists an icicle necklace, earrings, and bracelets. She wears a blue cerulean short tube gown and a dark blue cerulean layer connected to it, she wears blue heel flats. There's a lapis lazuli oval-shaped gemstone in the center of her dress and held with ties.

Personality Edit

Noelle seems to be kind, charming, and shy.