Spruce Hawk Wilds is the main protagonist in the series of his and his brother's name. He is the son of Harold and Lydia Wilds and the older brother of Gimli Wilds. He is a college student at Flosyce Academy.

Background Edit

When Spruce was an infant and inherited from his father, he was blessed by a wizard. He gave Spruce and Gimli who was born after him animal-like powers and gemstones in their bodies.

Appearance Edit

Spruce is a tall muscular wild man with caramel fur, olive skin, and red orange wild messy hair at the length of his shoulders, he has a fringe hanging down the middle of his face, flowing across his left cheek. His eyes are heterochromic with a yellow eye on the left and a violet one on the right, his pupils are thin. He surely have a scar on his right eye. Resembling as a lion, he have white fangs, black sharp fingernails and toenails, and a lion's tail. Spruce is shirtless and barefooted, instead, he wears red brown briefs. He have golden bracers on his wrists and ankles, he has two swirled tattoo patterns on his torso to his upper biceps. There's an orange gemstone located on his navel.

Personality Edit

Spruce seems to be feral, sensitive, optimistic, heroic, brave, slightly egotistical, and somewhat a slob. He is surely resourceful, relaxed, fun-loving, happy-go-lucky, compassionate, funny, and sometimes stubborn. In the good times, he is playful around Princess Cherry and makes her laugh. When Gimli's around him, they both can relax, play together, and sleep together. Like his brother, Spruce has a great fond of food and is a little ravenous unlikely like Gimli (various to meats), but he's not super ravenous like Gimli. Spruce used to be temperamental of his temper.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Feral- Spruce is a Katroid/humanoid lion and has feral powers, sometimes he usually stands like a lion.
  • Climbing- Spruce can climb on trees or something else that's related to that.
  • Ceiling Cling/Ceiling Climb- Spruce can try to climb on the ceiling.
  • Swinging- Spruce has the ability to swing on vines.
  • Super Vision/Super Sight- Spruce can use his vision to see things far away.
  • Supernatural Strength- Spruce is very strong and he can punch things hard.
  • Superhuman Strength- Spruce can lift up heavy things such as a giant boulder.
  • Enhanced Unarmed Combat- Spruce can be tough without weapons.
  • Power Hands- Spruce can punch through something strong like walls.
  • Gemstone Glow- Spruce can use his gemstone to glow in dark places such as dark caves.
  • Enchanced Eating- Spruce can eat alot of food but he's not overall ravenous (mostly various to meats).
  • Anger Empowerment/Feral Rage- Spruce is very furious and gets carried away. He cannot try to handle his temper, the weakness of this power is when Cherry and Arlette calms him and Gimli down.


  • Spruce is one of the [[1]] called Katroids.