The Flame Prince and Ice Princess is the 5th episode of the series Spruce and Gimli.

Synopsis Edit

Spruce and Gimli meets the fire prince and the ice princess when they started fighting.

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The episode begins when Spruce and Gimli are getting apples for Grandma Wilds' homemade apple pies. Spruce quickly grabs Gimli and evades the ice spike, there was a fire prince and ice princess fighting. The flame prince fled from battle, the ice princess, fustrated and upset, apologizes to the brothers and greets herself, Princess Noelle Silvermist of Frostford. Gimli responds to her about the flame prince, Noelle says his name is Prince Blaze. Spruce asks why Blaze always assaults her and she doesn't know why and insists that Blaze is a "hothead", she says that he lives in a fire kingdom called Flameburg. Noelle requests Spruce and Gimli to speak to him for their assault, the boys continue collecting apples and went to Grandma Wilds' home. Jewels starts baking some pies, and Spruce and Gimli starts ravenously devouring them. The boys were full and they went to the kingdom of Flameburg,


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