Valerie Beauregard is a middle school student at Flosyce Academy and one of Gimli's friends. She is one of the major characters in Spruce and Gimli.

Background Edit

Valerie first appears in Welcome to the Enchanted School!.

Appearance Edit

Valerie looks alike like her twin brother, so she have periwinkle eyes, and brown hair with most of it tied into a side ponytail and the rest stopping at the length of her neck. Her outfit consists some armor, she wears a red armored crop top. There's a red shoulder armor on her left upper arm, and a long sleeve on her right arm, she wears red armored gloves. Valerie wears a red short skirt with a belt, she wears white thigh high socks and red short boots.

Personality Edit

Valerie and her twin brother are ambitious, friendly, determined, loyal, and adventurous. But their personas different, she is typically cheerful and sweet.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Swordsmanship- Valerie uses her sword to fight.
  • Enhanced Shieldmanship- Valerie uses her shield to defend herself.