Welcome to the Enchanted School! is the 2nd episode of the series Spruce and Gimli.

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Spruce and Gimli gets assigned to Petallia's school and college.

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The episode begins when Harold and Lydia comes home bringing the news to Spruce and Gimli. The brothers will attend at Flosyce Academy, they head to Petallia and goes to the academy. The meet the school headmaster Ulric Archibald and he guides Spruce and Gimli to their bedroom. After that, the two attendants escort them to their own classrooms and he gives them their classroom location maps. The brothers go to their own classrooms, feeling insecured and shy. They met their own first teachers Clarissa Gertrude and Wilhelmina Hymphrey, and were introduced to the whole class. The saw the princesses and sit nearby them, meeting their first friends Ryder Brigham and Creston Pixieblade. On Spruce's scene,

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